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ignite the
Fire Within


 Phoenix Coaching & Consulting is here to help you ignite your fire, renew your focus, and release the amazing talent within.


So if you're here...

You probably know that bigger is waiting for you to stop being smothered by “small.” A small that has kept you behind and beneath the trailblazing impact, you KNOW you were meant to make here on this earth. You’re here because you know that better is waiting for you to stop gambling with “good.” A good that has allowed you to experience a few life wins, but not enough legacy-making “wows.” Maybe you’re here because you’re in a place of knowing that brighter has been waiting for you to stop dimming to “dull.”A dull that has kept you in the shadowy place of not living in the light of your truth instead of that of an amazing authenticity that leads not only to a life of fulfillment, but that of thriving in purpose.

So however you got here and however you didn’t, I’d be honored to help you emerge, SUBMERGE, yourself in the bigger, better, and brighter you know has been waiting and wallowing on the inside of you.

So let's get started shall we?

What We Do


career coaching


What others
have to say:

…Earlier in my years in management, I was focused on what I can do individually. Under Jenneba's leadership, she has challenged me to focus on how I can lead others and get the best out of them. This takes patience but has major benefits in the long run. She does an amazing job of giving you developmental feedback, but helping you truly understand the "why" behind the feedback. It's important for the individuals you lead to understand why certain decisions are being made and how it will benefit them personally, the consumer, and the company. 


Jenneba has helped me a lot in my professional career and personal life. Her ability to teach, train, and mold leaders is remarkable. 

- L. Banks

Not ready to get to work quite yet? We can still help you get to “winning” right now! 
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