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Our Mixed Method

We use our carefully coined personal assessment deep dive techniques, and a variety of analytical tools and approaches, to give us insight into our clients both personally and professionally. Some of our chosen “weapons” of weaving others into their purpose is backed by 40 years of research (i.e., DiSC, CliftonStrengths, etc.) and is instrumental in allowing us to provide our multifaceted clients with well-rounded, well-planned, and well-executed solutions. It is this mixed approach that has allowed us success after success in providing our clients with greater insights that lead to the greater attainment of their goals.

Let's get started by selecting what best describes your current stage

How Can We Help You?


I’m determined to find my “why and what,” and desire assistance to stir and guide me into greatness.



Does this sound like you? Let’s get you started with our ‘Search and See’ Track


I’m just starting out, but I have an idea of the “spark” I can offer to the world. I just need a little (or a lot!) of help fueling my fire (and fabulous) into a bold and blazing flame. 


Does this sound like you?  Let’s get you started with our ‘New and Know’ Track


I need to reignite and revamp, a new path, and/or a renewed purpose. 



Does this sound like you?  Let’s get you started with our ‘Refine and Renew’ Track

Be Empowered

Professional Smiling Woman

Golden Journey

Our classic individual option for those in need of life and/or career coaching.

Business Woman with Laptop

Golden Journey Plus

This package includes an assessment that provides key insights to who you naturally are (i.e., how you interact with others, how you think, how you work on a team, your natural preferences, etc.). We use the information to gain a deeper understanding of you, to create an in-depth personalized plan for you to continuously thrive in life and career.


363 for Leaders

Do you oversee a team? Are you looking to improve your personal leadership? Well, our 363 assessment is just for you! We will send a questionnaire to your team, peers, and/or your direct manager that will allow us to analyze how you are perceived as a leader. We use the data gathered to provide you with personalized feedback and strategies to support you in effective and successful leadership.

Are you a leader ready to take it to the next level? Here are individual coaching packages designed for you.

Career Coaching

Are you looking to transition into a new career or re-enter the workforce? Do you need help finding your passion or identifying your skills? Need assistance learning how to best promote the amazing that is you on your resume or an interview? Well look no further! With over a decade of experience in business, human resources, and recruiting, Phoenix Coaching & Consulting is sure to assist you in getting your career on the right track.

Express Package (4 sessions): 

  • 1 Session focused on defining skills

  • 1 Session focused on discovering passions

  • 1 Self-promotion session (resume creation and LinkedIn editing)

  • 1 Session with high-level interview prep 

Full-Service Package (8 sessions):

  • 3 Personal coaching sessions

  • 2 Sessions focused on defining skills and creating language that will resonate with potential employers and/or for promotion purposes 

  • 1 Self-promotion session that will help with the creation of your resume and LinkedIn editing

  • 2 Deep dive sessions focused on interview prep and practice

**NOTE: All sessions can be flexed and/or adjusted based on a need by need basis.

Exponential Growth Programs

Group Programs, Training, and Certifications

Is the team not quite gelling the way you would like? Maybe you feel like something is missing that’s impacting your productivity and creativity. Or maybe you need a tool to help with development and engagement. Well, you don’t have to look any further! We offer four customizable programs created with you in mind! We believe in keeping things simple, yet impactful, relaxed, yet revolutionary! Your team is sure to leave with savvy strategic solutions that will allow them to soar to new heights.

Here at Phoenix Coaching & Consulting, we believe that where there is exponential growth, there also lies exponential GREATNESS…so how can we support your organization in “Great?”


Are you a HR professional? A coach within an organization or a corporate trainer? Project manager or a small business owner? Well, if you are any of the above or the likes thereof and are looking to help your team achieve their amazing potential, then a certification through Phoenix Coaching & Consulting is just for you. Our certification programs teach you to create a work culture that not only values individuals for the skills and talents they bring, but teaches them to effectively work together. Obtaining this workplace certification provides you with the tools necessary to support your organization as a leader in helping to foster a culture of development, effective relationship building, and much more that leads to increased engagement and higher productivity.

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