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Young Businesswomen


A Little Background

It is from the place of going from one's life strife to a refined life strategy that Phoenix Coaching & Consulting was birthed. Just as a Phoenix is symbolic of rebirth, strength, triumph, restoration, and renewal, Phoenix Coaching & Consulting represents a space where those we serve can experience the same through the strategic rebuilding and refreshing of life and self.


To serve as a place where people come and find, redefine, and renew their purpose, allowing them to create a legacy that will not only position them and their family for unwavering prosperity, but also leave a positive impact on society. Our goal is to be a place where people from all walks of life feel empowered to live in their truth and enjoy a fulfilling and abundant life.

Our Vision

Our Mission

At Phoenix Coaching & Consulting, our mission is to help leaders and experts gain and maintain confidence and clarity not only in their field, but in their personal life. We aim to help thought leaders unlock their full potential through the discovery of the endless possibilities within themselves or their current organization. Our target is to also assist with effective and strategic moves to the next phases of a leader’s career, allowing them to be recognized and thought of as a valued asset to ANY organization. 

How We Do It

We provide you with a personalized roadmap and an expert executive coach that understands, supports, and assists you with the discovery of your true value. We believe this value to be found within your authentic self and not by the confines of people’s perspective of a leader. That said, we are proud of our dynamic methodologies that assist you in making this self-discovery, thought-provoking, soul searching, and life elevating.                      

Let’s get you working and winning in a life of personal and professional excellence today!


I am Jenneba Fofana, founder of Phoenix Coaching & Consulting. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for my undergraduate studies and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for my graduate studies. I was a double major and I earned a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science - Affairs in Business and Legal Studies. I also earned a Master of Science in Human Resources and Labor Relations.


I have more than a decade of experience as a high-performing and dedicated corporate executive and have been recognized for my success in:

  • multi-unit management

  • improving operations + sales

  • team development

  • D&I strategy

  • sustaining operational accuracy and excellence 

  • consistency in delivering results for optimal profitability

“I have had some experiences in life that have caused me to question myself or inadvertently retreat to proverbial dark places. However, through much prayer, fortitude, and focus I always re-emerged bigger, better, and brighter than before. It is for this reason I was drawn to the story/meaning behind Phoenix: rebirth, strength, triumph, renewal, restoration, and rebuilding of one’s self. Sometimes you might just need some focus and a goodnight’s rest and other times you need to take everything in your life down to the studs and rebuild. However, one thing I have learned and am certain of, is that everything you need is completely within you. We must simply learn not only how to access our inherent strengths, but strategically, soundly, and effectively use them.” 

-Jenneba Fofana, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Coaching & Consulting

I’m also a real estate investor. Though it started off as a hobby, it turned into much more, as I grew my real estate portfolio to $1.2 million in less than two years. This proves that with dedication, commitment, grit, and intentionality you can accomplish anything. I’m an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, coach, trainer, and consultant with specializations in Workplace and Management. In addition, I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Certified Holistic Life Career and Executive Coach. So what does all of my “fancy smancey” mean? It means that beyond my personal and professional struggles, I have tons of multifaceted experience. Beyond areas in which I once experienced loss, I learned and leaned into MANY wins. It means that I’m just like you, smart and motivated, but have sometimes been a “motivated” mess! It means that I know what it is to flourish in many areas, yet flunk in the ones that mattered most. However, through much work and necessary changes, I’m flourishing in these areas now and I’m here to help you flourish too. Phoenix Coaching & Consulting is here to help you fly! So allow me to help you or your organization take flight today.

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